Modern technology for customised solutions


Measurement technology

Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S9168  Coordinate measuring machine
Measuring range: X 900 x Y 1600 x Z 800
Lengthmeasurement error: (Temperature 16°C bis 26°C, ISO 10360-2 : 2010,
L=length in mm)
with SP25M: E0, MPE = (1,7 + 4L/1000) µm
Software: PolyWorks Inspector Probing++


FARO-Measurement Arm Quantum S
Accuracy class: Single Point 0,020 mm, Volumetrie 0,030 mm
Range: 2,5 m
Software: PolyWorks Inspector Probing


FARO-Measurement Arm Platinium
Accuracy class: Single Point 0,025 mm, Volumetrie: 0,036 mm
Range: 2,4 m
Software: CAM 2 Automotive




5 axle-milling machine FZ 35
With FIDA SV C02/01 control
18-fold tool changer
Milling range 3000 x 2360 x 1000 mm

3x1 axle-milling machine FZ 30
With FIDA M2 control
12-fold tool changer
Milling range 4.000 x 3.360 x 1.250 mm

5 axle-milling machine DMU 100 eVo
With Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI control
60-fold tool changer
Milling range 1000 x 900 x 700 mm

5 axle-milling machine DMU 80 eVo
With Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI control
30-fold tool changer
Milling range 800 x 650 x 550 mm

CAD-Construction / CAM-Programming

2 Catia V5 workplaces for construction and documentation

3 TEBIS workplaces for construction and programming of milling machines

WIG welding

We have a workplace for TIG welding





Subsidisation of Modell- und Formenbau Pape GmbH

Our company was supported by the Joint Task Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure: Extension of an existing permanent establishment (acquisition of various machines and facilities)